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OlderDec 31, 2022 10:50 PM

As a Former Fighter Pilot Who Encountered Uap, We Need Science—not Stigmas and Conspiracies—to Solve This Mystery

A response to recent Op-Eds published by Holman Jenkins in the Wall Street Journal that have perpetuated conspiracy theories about UAP and attempted to undermine the eyewitness testimony of highly trained aviators. It discusses the fear of stigma that has long surrounded UAP, and the growing momentum for scientific research into the phenomena. The article also highlights public statements from numerous leaders and elected officials who agree that UAP incidents cannot be explained and require further research, as well as recent Congressional hearings and the passing of the 2023 NDAA with far-reaching UAP provisions. It emphasizes that encounters with UAP are an issue not exclusive to Americans, and calls for more attention to be paid to the issue as a matter of safety and national security, as well as an investment in science to answer critical questions.
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