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OlderDec 16, 2022 2:34 AM

NSA Seems to Be Spying on UFOs

It appears that the NSA’s big ear is listening in on space aliens (or whatever those mysterious objects in the sky are), and the public deserves to know more about it. The Department of Defense has revealed that the U.S. government has set up a Joint Interagency Task Force to investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). This task force is so secretive that documents released regarding the investigation are all heavily redacted and have a highly classified status. The National Security Agency has also been involved in the investigation, leading to speculation that they may have intercepted communications from foreign militaries testing advanced drones or, possibly, alien spacecraft. It is important that Congress ask the NSA what they know about the UAP phenomenon, so that the public can learn more about the possible extraterrestrial or earthy origins of the mysterious objects in the sky.
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