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OlderMar 7, 2023 5:21 PM

Key lawmakers double down on solving the enduring mystery of UFOs

In an intriguing (and little-known) 2021 incident, a U.S. spy satellite captured multiple images of a mysterious “Tic Tac”-shaped craft flying over water. Within hours, intelligence analysts compared the object to an extraordinary 2004 incident involving another “Tic Tac”-shaped craft. In that encounter, four naval aviators were left stunned as a strange elongated object with no wings or engines conducted jaw-dropping maneuvers. Eyewitnesses ultimately briefed members of Congress on the incident, which included several perplexing detections by radar and infrared (heat) sensors. Meanwhile, other aircrews told Congress of their daily, years-long encounters with unknown objects exhibiting highly advanced – and distinctly un-balloon-like – flight characteristics.


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